What would you do extra if you had more time to spend?

Our data-driven solutions focus on streamlining your operations so you can spend more time on creating value and less time worrying.

Teams already reclaiming valuable time

A byte better everyday.

Every organization can start reclaiming time.

Think big, start small

It doesn't matter how big your organization is, how much you've already invested. Our solutions were built to deliver value fast so you can saving time instantly.

Innovate everywhere

Put the power of data in the hands of your colleagues and free up their time to do their best work. Drive their actions with data-driven insights

Outperform your competition

While your competition is worrying about the wrong things, you have time to think about how can you deliver more value to your customers. Easily test your ideas with custom software and scale up when successful.

Our solutions

Data strategy

Custom software

Data platform

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Data Science

Our partnership approach

We don’t believe in just providing our services. We believe in dedicated partnerships, committing to your cause and vision, to deliver the best data-driven solutions that will fuel your mission.

We are vintus, a digital-born consultancy firm, focused on building sustainable partnerships. Together we make change happen.

Our story

We like to partner with our clients and value personal relationships. Learn more about the people behind vintus.

Non profits

Learn about how we partner with non-profits and social organizations to give back to the world we owe everything to.

The action framework

Dedicated to take better action faster

The action framework enables companies to streamline their processes and start saving time. Success starts with a well-defined process, after which data is centralized, turned into insights and delivered to the business to take better actions faster.



Define key processes and establish the ideal situation with metrics that define success.



Generate, store, and process your data to establish one centralized and unbiased truth.


Context analyses

Apply powerful analyses to analyze your data and add context that turns information into insight.



Turn insight into action and empower your teams to accomplish challenging goals by taking better actions faster.

Projects we're proud of.