Scale up your value generation through unbiased data-driven decisions.

Our decision-framework solution empowers organisations of any size to transition from gut-driven and experience-based decisions towards data-driven and science-based decisions.

Organizations who make better decisions faster with Vintus.

  • Decrease risk

    Unbiased decisions, derived from reliable data, can mitigate financial risks by preventing costly errors or misjudgments.

  • Enhance market responsiveness

    Companies that decide quickly can adapt to market changes, seize new opportunities, or address threats more effectively than competitors.

  • Expand and retain talent

    Top talent is drawn to and remains loyal to organizations known for strong, unbiased decision-making.

  • Sustain growth

    Consistently good decision-making sets the foundation for sustainable long-term growth and company resilience.

Our partnership approach

We don’t believe in just providing our services. We believe in dedicated partnerships, committing to your cause and vision, to deliver the best data-driven solutions that will fuel your mission.

We are vintus, a digital-born consultancy firm, focused on building sustainable partnerships. Together we make change happen.

Our story

We like to partner with our clients and value personal relationships. Learn more about the people behind vintus.

Non profits

Learn about how we partner with non-profits and social organizations to give back to the world we owe everything to.

Empowering high-performance teams through the decision framework

Together it is our job to establish a framework which nurtures good and unbiased decisions and empowers every member of your value chain. We believe better decisions are the result of great processes, fueled by unbiased and trusted data, ready to be analyzed by a combination of people and AI.

Step 1

Identify key processes

Establish the process and define the borders for success.

Step 2

Manage your data

Create, store, and process your data to create one centralized and unbiased truth.

Step 3

Generate insights

Apply powerful analyses to describe, predict, and prescribe events.

Step 4

Drive action

Use insights to empower better decision making in the entire chain.

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