We make the change together.

We make the change together.

We have experience in change management, which is important when advancing with new insights or software.

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Think Before Act

The starting point for IT projects is the vision of the company. The vision is made practical in the business processes. This is the basis of automation and computerization.

‘What information do I need to ensure that processes run smoothly, to make adjustments and to make the right decisions?’

It is therefore essential to begin with the processes when starting up an ‘IT project’, because in most cases the project actually is a change project with an IT component. It is often an ideal opportunity to review your processes, your organization and your information needs before you start automating.

Streamlining processes can also help to see if the challenges are being tackled at the source and not in the place where it hurts. This helps in removing complexity.

Ownership and organisation

One challenge in change projects is establishing solution ownership. To achieve first-time-right accuracy and prevent subsequent debates, it’s crucial to embed ownership within the organization from the project’s inception. Managing this involves strategic planning and clear communication.

  • Set up an management structure (steering committee, product owners and Key-users, including meeting and decision making procedures)

  • Work with clear deliverables, which have to be tested and approved by the organisation throughout the whole project.

Process design

Processes are fundamental to automation, necessitating a structured design approach and the adoption of established methodologies. Utilizing structured process flows and swim lanes facilitates productive discussions about processes and task organization within the company. Moreover, they ensure process alignment, preventing blockages or interference.

  • Process flows are essential for visualizing the flow of tasks over time.

  • Swimming lanes are used to divide the process into disciplines and responsibilities.


Change management

Many ERP and logistics automation systems place greater emphasis on managing change rather than on the software itself. The software serves as a tool to achieve the ideal fit. However, it all begins with the company’s direction and vision.


Root cause

Identifying the exact moment where a process fails is often straightforward, but pinpointing the initial cause of the failure can be much more challenging. Collaboration across various departments can sometimes obscure the overall complexity of the issue. Nevertheless, we consistently strive to devise a solution that benefits the whole company and streamlines the entire process.


Mini Bang

We are committed to working towards a better future, but not all at once. Aiming for a “Big Bang” approach can be highly disruptive for a company. Instead, working towards manageable increments of change is a much better idea,¬†which necessitates strong organization.

Process Engineer

Hello! We are a group of skilled project managers.

Hello! We are a group of skilled project managers.

We possess experience in collaborating with various organizations and engaging with different hierarchical levels within them. We ensure that our communications are clear and comprehensible across all these levels.