Code generation

Code generation

Data driven

A significant aspect of software development involves replicating what is displayed on another screen, such as creating CRUD (create, read, update, delete) applications linked to a specific table, often filled with maintenance data. We carefully select suitable controls and code segments from our intuitive framework and component library, aligning them with corresponding tables, column names, and data types. However, this process can be significantly streamlined by automating the generation of code, or at least its framework.

This automation drastically reduces the time and effort needed for software development, thereby alleviating its inherent challenges. Currently, we are actively exploring the use of AI to further enhance this automation. This initiative, referred to as our Vinnie project, acts as a personal assistant for every engineer, guiding them through the decision-making process for subsequent tasks. Moreover, it provides solutions that extend beyond mere code generation. We also leverage this system to onboard new developers, data experts, and BI specialists.

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Generating code makes a developers life easier.

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We Are A Group Of Skilled Engineers

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