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Get in control before you need it.

Everyone is a target.

In today’s digital era, the importance of information security cannot be overstated. The landscape of cyber threats is expanding, the attackers are increasingly sophisticated, and the potential targets now include anyone with a digital footprint. It is crucial for everyone to understand that cyber threats do not exclusively aim at corporations, governments, or high-profile individuals – anyone can be a target.

Consider a hypothetical yet realistic scenario: an employee at a mid-sized corporation, who underestimates the need for personal information security, falls victim to a phishing scam. The unsuspecting victim clicks on a seemingly harmless link in an email, leading to the theft of their credentials. The perpetrator then uses this information to access the corporate network, resulting in a large-scale data breach that disrupts the company’s operations and reputation.

This story highlights an important fact: in a digitally interconnected world, one person’s information security is part of a larger protective fabric that encompasses individuals, organizations, and nations. The hackers are opportunistic, exploiting the weakest link in the security chain. The breach could be prevented if the individual had been aware of the risks and taken appropriate preventive measures.

The urgency to address information security is clear. However, the responsibility to act doesn’t lie with IT professionals alone. Everyone should prioritize preventive measures, including awareness training, strong and unique passwords, multifactor authentication, regular software updates, and avoiding suspicious communications.

How we help you to stay in control.

Nothing is more important than your reputation. Clients and employees trust you with their data and it’s your responsibility to handle it with care. If you’re not continuously aware of the potential threats, being hacked is merely a question of when. That’s where we step in to help you be in control before you need it, protecting your good reputation.


All our solutions are built from the ground up in accordance with the Microsoft defense-in-depth strategy. The objective of defense in depth is to protect information and prevent it from being stolen. A defense-in-depth strategy uses a series of mechanisms to slow the advance of an attack that aims at acquiring unauthorized access to data. You can visualize defense in depth as a set of layers, with the data to be secured at the center.

Each layer provides protection so that if one layer is breached, a subsequent layer is already in place to prevent further exposure. This approach removes reliance on any single layer of protection. It slows down an attack and provides alert telemetry that security teams can act upon, either automatically or manually.

ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certified

We are officially ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified. These certifications guarantee our clients that we work according to the information security standards.

Our focus


As official Microsoft CSP we can fully support clients in the cloud. From working together in the cloud to fully managed services.


Our official certifications guarantee our clients we focus on security first before we do anything else. Your digital security is our focus.


Together we'll make your strategy work without creating vendor lock-ins. You have full control over what happens and have complete access.