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It all began 10 years ago with a simple belief: Students Deserve Better. That’s why we built The Student Hotel, a place for young people to find their purpose and change the world, to shape the future. As our community grew, we grew with them – evolving into a hybrid space with hotel rooms for tourists, co-living for travellers, coworking for digital nomads and a creative playground for entrepreneurs and locals.

Starting with their first location in our hometown Rotterdam, the Social Hub is now rapidly expanding into Europe. Occupying 21 hotels at this moment, TSH just secured a 350+ million investment to help achieve its growth ambitions of 50 hotels before 2030.

To foster this growth sustainably, IT had to grow at the same pace, supporting the business in their requirements. And because TSH is hyper data-driven, their current local datawarehouse solution could not keep up, hence why they started looking for a partner that would support their ambitions.

Project details

Client: The Social Hub (formerly The Student Hotel)
Expertise: Dataplatform, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, AI
Market: Hotels & Leisure
Core systems: MEWS

Key takeaway

Maximizing revenue while scaling your operations globally.

The hotel business is notorious for its focus on metrics. But to get the insights they need it’s imperative to centralize all data sources and create a single source of truth to fuel those metrics. Because we are a MEWS enterprise partner, we can instantly setup an end-to-end dataplatform to transform MEWS data into game changing insights. Within days your business will see where they are leading, and where they are lagging.

Easily access powerful dashboards with relevant KPIs, insights, and trends to help your business make the better decision every time. And by empowering the business with our AI-solutions, they’re able to get an answer immediately to almost every business question.

The only question you need to ask yourself is how long you want to wait to empower your decisions with unbiased and trusted insights.

How to digitally support an organization that doubles in size year after year?

In the past 2 years, The Social Hub secured more than 500 million euro to fund it’s ambitions to develop hotels all around Europe. Opening up new hotel after new hotel puts a lot of pressure on your business, especially the supporting functions like IT.

We started our partnership with TSH in building management dashboards that transformed data into insights. The business soon caught on and the local IT solutions wasn’t able to put up with the business requirements anymore. TSH asked us to draft a proposal for a dataplatform that could infinitely scale with their business model without having to pay top dollar or have to sign multi-year license agreements.

Since TSH was already invested in the Microsoft stack, we proposed to deploy our Delta Lakehouse Dataplatform to establish a sustainable basis for TSH to thrive upon. Within a few weeks, we migrated the old datawarehouse into the new dataplatform and worked tightly together with MEWS, their Property Management System, to extract all relevant information and turn it into game changing insights.

Key deliverables

A scalable dataplatform

Gone are the days of being limited by server performance. TSH can ingest and process any data source, supported by a Delta Lakehouse platform that automatically scales to meet business needs.

Single source of truth

No more excels with siloed data and unverified truths. Now, TSH is able to deliver a shared single source of truth, accessible via Power BI while business users can still use data in Excel by connecting to the unified dataset.

Battling fraud head on

By reducing the time to insight, TSH is battling bad actors head-to-head, trying to prevent fraud from happening in the first place instead of signalling it afterwards when it’s already too late.

Continuous Partnership

What's next?

Servicing customers even better

By combining more and more data, TSH is able to learn even better what customers want before they know they want it. And with a Delta Lakehouse platform, TSH only needs to think of the business case and the platform will be able to handle it cost effectively and with superior processing power.

Enabling self-service insights via AI

What if you could just ask your question and it would be answered instantly - based on a single source of truth? A lot of people know what insights they need to do their job best. But they need to know how to translate their natural language question into computer language. We are pioneering in the field of AI with a digital brain for business - this will allow business users to ask questions in their own language and AI will translate it into computer language, derive the insights from raw data, and translate the results back to human language. This way, IT is no longer the bottleneck for answering vital questions, but is supporting the business to ask those very essential questions when they want, how they want in the language they want.

Automating decision making and suggested actions

Making better decisions often comes down to outweighing pro's and cons. Once you've realised your single source of truth, AI can start helping you make better operational decisions by continuously analyzing multiple datapoints, calculating scenarios, learning from human decisions, and suggesting better decisions to humans. If those suggested decisions become the standard, AI can automate them, freeing up your valuable workforce to do work AI still cannot do.