Supporting superior decision making for 70+ warehouses in Europe.

A Delta Lakehouse Dataplatform

Lineage Logistics is the global leader of the temperature-controlled logistics industry. In order to service their customers best, they need reliable insights from their warehouses. The current infrastructure allowed Lineage to have historical data but could not deliver the business capability of trustworthy data within 10 minutes.

Together with our longterm partner Nualis we joined forces to build a state of the art Delta Lakehouse dataplatform to deliver realible insights in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Project details

Client: Lineage Logistics Europe
Expertise: Dataplatform, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence
Market: Supply Chain

Key takeaway

Fits every business profile.

Companies might think Delta Lakehouses are only available for big spenders. But the opposite is very much true. A Delta Lakehouse Platform works for any company size because of the scalability and the focus on splitting storage and compute. Companies don’t need to process 100GB’s of data per day to make full use of a dataplatform. You could start with a small proof of concept and scale up when you have internal support.

You need to ask yourself whether every decision made in your business is the best one you could make. If not, you might be leaving a lot of money on table.

Quickly delivering the right insights to the business in the warehouses.

Without a proper dataplatform, companies lack the foundation to enable their execution. A dataplatform brings together all data relevant for the organization, defines a shared and unified truth, and securely shares key insights to the business in the fastest way possible. In the case for Lineage, the warehouse needs integral insights within a 10-minute interval to fully support their decision-making process.

The current datawarehouse was expensive, slow, and could not deliver upon the business requirements. From our extensive experience with Delta Lakehousing, we proposed solution to Lineage that would deliver the right capabilities with maximum flexibility in a short timeframe.

Lightning fast,
Cost effective,
Unlimited scalability.

Delta Lake is the optimized storage layer in the Data Lakehouse Platform that serves as a base for storing data and tables. Delta Lake is open-source and provides reliability to the data lake. It enables scalable metadata management, ACID (Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability) transactions via a file-based transaction log for Parquet data files. Delta Lake is built on Parquet and is completely compatible with Spark APIs.

It can be used on top of any data lake effectively and cheaply since it is open-source software. The Delta Lake enables close integration with Structured Streaming and enables you to use a single data copy for both batch and streaming processes thereby delivering fast, high volume incremental processing.

Key deliverables

Near real time insights

Where the business usually had to wait until the next day to get new data, now they can rely on trusted insights every 10 minutes.

Cost effective

Because the business can anticipate so much faster, better decisions are taken that benefit the customer experience and the bottom line. The platform infrastructure costs also dropped by a whopping 500%.

Ready for AI

This is just the start. Lineage has prepared itself to take full advantage of AI initiatives to boost productivity and outform the competition.

What's next?

Live insights via Streaming Analytics

The current 10-minute interval still has a 10 minute delay. Sometimes you want to be able to adjust within minutes or even seconds. That's why one of the next capabilities will be to easily support streaming data via Delta Live tables in the Delta Lakehouse, bringing down the time to insights to merely seconds.

Enabling self-service insights via the digital brain with AI

What if you could just ask your question and it would be answered instantly - based on a single source of truth? A lot of people know what insights they need to do their job best. But they need to know how to translate their natural language question into computer language. We are pioneering in the field of AI with a digital brain for business - this will allow business users to ask questions in their own language and AI will translate it into computer language, derive the insights from raw data, and translate the results back to human language. This way, IT is no longer the bottleneck for answering vital questions, but is supporting the business to ask those very essential questions when they want, how they want in the language they want.

Automating decision making and suggested actions with AI

Making better decisions often comes down to outweighing pro's and cons. Once you've realised your single source of truth, AI can start helping you make better operational decisions by continuously analyzing multiple datapoints, calculating scenarios, learning from human decisions, and suggesting better decisions to humans. If those suggested decisions become the standard, AI can automate them, freeing up your valuable workforce to do work AI still cannot do.